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Teardrop Aquamarine Beads - Full Strand

Teardrop Aquamarine Beads - Full Strand

  • $16.95

Aquamarine beads in a gorgeous pale blue color. These beads are irregularly sized, so let me know if you would like larger or smaller gemstones. I have earring designs floating around in my mind for these although you could also find them useful for bracelets and necklaces. A beautiful shade of aquamarine. 26 ga wire fits and 24 ga for many. 

My photo is awful! These beads are much prettier!

Approximately 7.7mm - 12mm x 2.5 - 5.5mm 

1 Full Strand. Quantity of beads vary due to size variance. Let me know what size you prefer and I'll do my best!

All monitors see color slightly different. I work hard to represent it as accurately as possible on mine. My pics are taken with a macro (zoom) lens to show detail therefore the photos will show larger than to the naked eye.


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