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8mm Barbell Fine Silver Hill Tribe Spacer Beads 15 pcs. HT-116

  • $15.95

8mm superb Karen Hill Tribe handmade spacer bead in a barbell or dog bone shape. Bright sterling silver. You might ask "WTHeck are these???" Well they are my very favorite bead ever. I personally stack them three deep and will show you a pic of how I use these. You can come up with your own designs! ;) I'd love to see what you guys do think up!

8mm x 3mm

15 pieces (Bracelet NOT included)

My Karen Hill Tribe silver is fair trade. The beads and findings I offer were made with tradition methods passed down through the generations. Each participating family has their own unique designs which they craft in their homes. These are not factory made.

The silver is 99% pure as opposed to sterling silver which is 92.5% silver. Due to the handmade aspect sizes can vary slightly.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
I first saw these beads in a book and searched high and low...for months! I finally found them at a bead show- she had 2 strands left. I gulped at the retail price (much higher than I charge!) and bit the bullet. It's been love ever since! :)

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