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15mm Karen Hill Tribe Hook Clasp Bright Fine Silver HT-155 - Royal Metals Jewelry Supply

Karen Hill Tribe Hook Clasp 19mm Bright Fine Silver Wrapped Hook HT-324

  • $6.15

Karen Hill Tribe hook clasp in bright fine silver. This strong, hand crafted hook clasp is perfect for medium or larger chain links (ID 2.9mm or larger), jump rings or leather loops. Larger than the last batch, also available in a smaller size.

18.5mm wrapped hook plus 2 jump rings 7.5mm ea.

wire 2.1mm thick (12 ga.)

1 Clasp

My Karen Hill Tribe silver vendor practices fair trade. The silver is 97-99% pure, depending on whether silver solder is used or the component does not require soldering, as opposed to sterling silver which is usually 92.5% silver. Due to the handmade aspect sizes can vary slightly.

My Hill Tribe beads and findings are made in the traditional way. Each participating family has their own designs which they produce at home and pass down through the generations. My Hill Tribe items are NOT factory made.

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