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Karen Hill Tribe Beads 14mm Long 6 Sided Stamped Thai Fine Silver Beads 2 pcs. HT- 221

  • $8.65

Long six sided fine silver Karen Hill Tribe stamped beads. This beautiful bead has an intricate design stamping on all 6 sides and is oxidized in the recessed areas. It's a beautiful bead handmade by the Karen Hill Tribe silver smiths. Very unique in shape and design. This bead fits snuggle over my 2mm leather by cutting the end of the leather into a point.

13.75-14.6mm x 8.6mm (I will send a matched size)

2 pieces

My Karen Hill Tribe silver vendor practices fair trade. The beads and findings I offer were made with tradition methods passed down through the generations. Each participating family has their own unique designs which they craft in their homes. These are not factory made.

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