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Faceted Pearls Creamy White 9-10mm 12 pcs.

Faceted Pearls Creamy White 9-10mm 12 pcs.

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Stunning creamy white faceted pearls. These incredible round pearls throw off light in all directions. They are beautiful and unusual. At 9-10mm the large size is superb for earring and necklace designs.
Faceted pearls were the creation of one family in China. It took them almost ten years to perfect the art. Master faceters now cut the facets after the pearl has had sufficient time, at least 2 years, to grow a thick enough nacre coating. In Japan faceted pearls are likened to prized chrysanthemums flowers.
I've been using faceted pearls in some of my designs for several years now. They are unique and my customers are fascinated with the angles and reflective quality. Most have never seen such a pearl before. It is with reluctance that I list these. Quantity is limited as it is becoming very hard for me to acquire faceted pearls of this quality.

approximately 9-10mm

12 pieces


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