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16mm Large Round Origami Spacer Bead Hill Tribe Fine Silver HT-146-B (16mm)

  • $11.95

An incredible and very large round woven origami Karen Hill Tribe spacer bead in fine silver. These unique beads are gorgeous.I've loved this bead for a very long time and when it was discontinued I begged for months and months to have it made. The Hill Tribe artisans finally agreed, much to my absolute delight, to produce some of these for me in 2 sizes. I am waiting for the smaller of the two yet. It is doubtful that I will be able to purchase more as these are difficult to produce. A large silver bead which will add immense interest to your design.

15.5mm x 16.5mm

Sizes are approximate due to the handmade aspect.

1 piece

My Karen Hill Tribe vendor practices fair trade. The beads and findings I offer were made with tradition methods passed down through the generations. Each participating family has their own unique designs which they craft in their homes. These are not factory made.


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